Can Taking Creatine Cause Acne?

man with acne

Have you ever considered starting a new supplement routine, but remain hesitant due to questions about the supplement’s safety and effectiveness? Well if creatine is the supplement in question, wonder no more, for few supplements in history are as heavily researched as creatine. Creatine is perhaps the safest supplement on the market, with decades of … Read more

Should I Take Creatine While Trying to Lose Weight?

man losing weight

Creatine is one of the safest, most effective, and trusted supplements on the market. Known for increasing muscle size, building strength, and preserving muscle during cuts, it’s no wonder why athletes choose to supplement creatine in their quests to reach their performance goals. This supplement is not just for athletes, however. Anyone with fitness goals … Read more

Does Creatine Give You Energy?

guy with energy from creatine

The short answer, yes! Creatine is known to improve strength, increase lean muscle mass, and help our lean muscle mass recover more quickly during and after our exercise routines. The boost that is given to our muscles has been found to help athletes achieve bigger and better bursts of speed, while also adding energy. This … Read more

Why Does Creatine Make You Dehydrated?

dehydrated man

The last thing you want to happen while trying to bulk up your muscles is to become dehydrated. You’ll end up feeling weak, thirsty ​and​ tired. (Ugh!) But unfortunately creatine ​can have dehydrating effects. An article published on the Healthline website explains that creatine alters your body’s stored water content by driving additional water into your muscles cells. This … Read more

Does Creatine Make You Sweat More?

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Various studies and research has concluded that creatine does not appear to make you sweat more. (Though you should still wear deodorant to the gym, for the common good.) Is drinking more water related to sweating more? Drinking more water is ​not​ associated with sweating more according to a spokesperson for the Natural Hydration Council. They stress … Read more

Should Women Take Creatine? Absolutely

woman working out

Creatine is a supplement that is often associated with men and their body building needs. But did you know women can also take creatine to help their athletic endeavors? Women who take creatine can help build or add to their lean muscle. Let’s explore below the pros and cons to women taking creatine supplements, the … Read more

Can You Get Addicted To Creatine?

addicted to creatine

The good news? Creatine is not addictive. The bad news? If you use it to improve your body image you ​may​ come to find yourself reliant on it. How long should you take a creatine supplement for? As outlined in the blog posts prior, guidelines for taking creatine were mentioned. Below is a recap of how much … Read more

Does Taking Creatine Affect Your Moods?

creatine mood swings

So far we have learned how great taking creatine as a supplement can really be. The increase in power and performance in the gym, and with other athletic ventures is a huge plus. But what about our moods, and our mental health? Both of these topics are hot button issues that should be taken seriously … Read more

Does Taking Creatine Make You Lose Hair? Not At All

guy loosing hair

I can’t possibly imagine building up my muscles, and trying to train to be the very best at whatever athletic venture I was currently participating in, only to discover, my super beneficial supplement causes hair loss. But have no fear, this is ​NOT ​the case here. Let’s break down all those myths, and get straight to the … Read more

Does Creatine Make You Gain Belly Fat? No

creatine belly fat

Creatine helps those who take the supplement to gain muscle, increase performance and it provides energy to your cells. But a question that may “weigh” on your mind is….will it make you gain belly fat? The short answer is no, unless you change your diet significantly, you shouldn’t gain actual stomach fat. Does taking creatine … Read more